Pureco Mermaid Stain & Glaze

Pureco Mermaid Stain & Glaze

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 Pureco Stain & Glaze 

Zero VOC | Eco friendly | Premium quality | Australian Made

Our Stain & Glaze is our water based, self sealing wood stain and glazing product in one!
Super user friendly, our Stain & Glaze will self-level into a soft, matte and durable finish! 

To use as a glaze – wipe or brush on over detailed areas, appliques and carvings.
Before it dries take a slightly damp cloth and wipe away from the raised areas, leaving the glaze in the detailed areas.

To use as a stain – using a lint free cloth, sponge or wide brush, smoothly apply thin layers of stain to your prepared raw wood, using long smooth even strokes, going with the grain of wood.
Wipe away excess with a slightly damp cloth.

Our Stain & Glazes are translucent so layers can be built up to create a more opaque finish if desired.
Available in 7 natural shades and 5 fun colours!
Our jars are recyclable or reusable.